Working to Support Article 60 York Budget Referendum
May 21, 2016

ballot boxArticle 60 authorizes the issuance of bonds in an amount not to exceed $400,000 toward implementation of York Village Master Plan. These bonds will be issued by the Town as needed to provide a 10% municipal match to federal (80%) and state (10%) funds available from the Kittery Area Comprehensive Transportation System (KACTS) expected to total up to $4 million over a period of several years. So far, in 2016, a total of $490,596 (of an anticipated $3.24 million) has been committed by KACTS in support of the first phase of the proposed project. Read Full Article

Welcome Friends of York Village

Friends of York Village is an advocacy group for the passage of Article Sixty, and will raise private funds for such expenses as mailers, lawn signs, advertisements, identifying named supporters, and a letter writing campaign. We hope you will become a supporter too!

York Village serves as York's year-round civic center. It is home to key public buildings, historic sites, the Town's leading employer, and local businesses and organizations. York Village is poised to capitalize on this 'quality of place' by investing in physical improvements that both accentuate those qualities that make the Village special and invite increased use. The Master Plan provides many tools and guidance to proceed. While the Plan sets the stage, success ultimately belongs to York's citizens, businesses and their elected leaders who must assume ownership by engaging the plan's contents and prioritizing its many opportunities, then generate the momentum required for sustained implementation. Other neighboring communities have accomplished revitalization, and so too can York.

Brief Overview of Project

Proposed Intersection Redesign

The York Street and Long Sands Road Intersection Redesign is critical to improving safety for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists as well as providing a more welcoming design linking the historic core of the Village with its business center.

A Key York Street Segment as it Looks Today

York St Today
Over the last century automobiles have taken over much of the right-of-way through the business center of the Village. The Master Plan roadway improvements seek to create more space for people in the Village.

Master Plan Implementation Creates Opportunities for a Welcoming and Vital Future in York's Year-round Town Center

Sample of Improved Streetscape
Street amenities add value to local businesses and increase opportunities for community interactions.